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Pressure vessels for refrigeration installations

Delivery Programme :

  • Seperators
  • Receivers
  • Oil drain vessels
  • Ice Banks
  • Complete pressure vessel assemblies

Pressure Vessels are constructed and tested in accordance with the Directive 97/23/CE relative to the pressure equipment (PED)

ARTEMIS Industry is dedicated to design and manufacture the highest quality products for the industrial refrigeration. The Company has a great flexibility to produce products that differ a lot from those of the mass production. Many features can be adjusted to the special needs of each customer.

ARTEMIS stands for quality, long life and reliability.

Special features

  • Appropriate materials for low temperatures and high pressures are chosen
  • Vessels for all refrigerants ( ammonia, glycol, freon
  • If asked we select and advise the correct positions and sizes of pipe connections
  • The vessels can be supplied with or without armature. When armature is wanted then we use equipment supplied from the most famous factories of the world (DANFOSS, HANSEN, HERL, WITT e.t.c.)

A complete pressure vessel assembly can be made according to each customer’s requirements including all pipe work. After the pre-assembling and test pressure, the system is possible to be devided into parts for the transport.

Application Field

Food Processing

Industrial Applications

cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_151546198.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_15375375.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_154436662.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_18454122.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_161720106.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_161730466.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_16173489.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_162747886.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_4_2_2011_11523611.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_182040319.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_1617919.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_173131283.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_173730192.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_4_2_2011_102511456.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_4_2_2011_10254591.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_4_2_2011_10257844.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_4_2_2011_10251265.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_155517597.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_333_3_2_2011_165225735.jpg
  • Ammonia separator for two feeding pumps.
  • Ammonia receiver
  • Ammonia flooded vessel with a heat exchanger and an oil heating vessel, pre-assemblied in our factory.
  • Ammonia separator for four feeding pumps.
  • Ammonia separator with two pump units.
  • Detail: Pump unit
  • A group of ammonia cooling vessels ready for installation.
  • Ammonia receivers on a truck.
  • A group of cooling vessels ready for installation.
  • An ammonia accumulator with double walls.
  • Ammonia separator during construction.
  • Ammonia ice bank.
  • A group of cooling vessels
  • Two installed ammonia receivers
  • A view of an installation
  • An ammonia separator installed and insulated
  • An ammonia separator installed
  • An ammonia separator installed.
  • An ammonia separator during installation
cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_151546198.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_15375375.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_154436662.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_18454122.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_161720106.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_161730466.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_16173489.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_162747886.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_4_2_2011_11523611.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_182040319.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_1617919.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_173131283.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_173730192.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_4_2_2011_102511456.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_4_2_2011_10254591.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_4_2_2011_10257844.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_4_2_2011_10251265.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_155517597.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_333_3_2_2011_165225735.jpg