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Capacity range: 500.000 – 8.000.000 kcal/h

SCOTCH/W type water boilers are suitable for all traditional oil and gaseous fuels.

ARTEMIS Industry focuses on the particularity of each client’s needs. Therefore, the Company has a great flexibility to produce products that differ a lot from those of the mass production. Many features such as:

  • heating surface
  • thickness of metal sheets
  • working pressure
  • insulation

can be adjusted to the special needs of each customer, especially Industries and big Public Buildings.

ARTEMIS stands for quality, long life and reliability.

Special Features

  • High water volume in combination with the sophisticated design ensures good water circulation and prevent from scaling.
  • Water rinsed gas reversing chamber.
  • Dismountable rear gas chamber. This makes maintenance and service a simple procedure
  • In big sized boilers (over 3.000.000 kcal/h) the rear smoke gas chamber is welded to the boiler plate. However, it bears two spacious ports which allow the cleaning of the boiler as well as easy access to the rear boiler plate
  • The flue gas side inspection opening bears a fireproof lining suitable for temperatures up to 1900 0C, which ensures easy access to the furnace.
  • A bolted flue coupling can be adjusted to the welded duct on the back of the smoke box
  • Special insulating materials cut radiation losses to an insignificant minimum.
  • Low fuel consumption
  • High efficiency
  • Durability

High quality insulation

Low heat losses through high density mineral wool protected by :

  • Hot galvanised metal sheets, coloured in blue
  • Aluminium, stucco type metal sheets


Electrical control panel

The electrical control panel of the boiler consists of the following:

  • General switch
  • Burner switch
  • Circulator thermostat
  • Thermostat for burner function
  • Safety Thermostat for burner
  • Thermometer


By fitting an economizer the boiler efficiency can reach 96%.

ARTEMIS economizers are especially designed and can be applied to both new and already existing boilers.

  • Finned  tubes of high quality
  • Large inspection openings
  • Easily removable and pre-mounted to the flue gas rear chamber.

Soot accumulator

Soot accumulators are usually used when the fuel is heavy oil, because it's flue gases contain high content in soot and unburnt masses which are particularly damaging for the atmosphere and the environment.

Soot accumulators through a special layout of their fins retain a big part of the soot and the unburnt masses and as a result the gases driven to the atmosphere are cleaner.

  • Always made of stainless steel sheets
  • Durability
  • Low back pressure
  • Large inspection ports
  • Internal washing system

Application Field

Food Processing

Health Care



Industrial Laundry

Industrial Process Applications

cms/images/large/albumID_326_6_2_2011_115859139.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_326_2_2_2011_123155875.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_326_2_2_2011_12323450.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_326_2_2_2011_123638596.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_326_2_2_2011_125757458.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_326_1_1_2011_16503111.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_326_2_2_2011_12321674.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_326_6_2_2011_11357641.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_326_1_3_2011_155023628.jpg
  • 3500 kw, SCOTCH type superheated water boiler
  • 2000 kw, SCOTCH type water boiler
  • 1500 kw, SCOTCH type water boiler
  • 1700 kw, SCOTCH type water boiler
  • 1500 kw, SCOTCH type boiler
  • 2000 kw, SCOTCH type water boiler
  • 3500 kw, SCOTCH type water boiler with integrated ECONOMIZER
  • Retrofitting, ECONOMIZER in a 1700 kw water boiler
  • Soot accumulator, when heavy oil is used as a fuel
cms/images/small/albumID_326_6_2_2011_115859139.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_326_2_2_2011_123155875.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_326_2_2_2011_12323450.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_326_2_2_2011_123638596.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_326_2_2_2011_125757458.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_326_1_1_2011_16503111.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_326_2_2_2011_12321674.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_326_6_2_2011_11357641.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_326_1_3_2011_155023628.jpg