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Oil preheater module

A heavy oil pre-heater is used to pre-heat heavy oil fuel so it can be burned by the burner.

Types of oil pre-heaters:


Tube and shell heat exchanger

The fuel oil is heated as it passes through the shell surrounding the tubes

Double wall heat exchanger

The primary fluid circulates in the space between the two cylinders (jacket) and heats up the fuel oil which is in the inner tank

Special features

  • the primary fluid can be steam or heated water
  • the module is pre-assembled together with all necessary equipment
  • thermal insulation
  • customized design
  • high efficiency
  • easy to clean and maintain

cms/images/large/albumID_322_0_3_2011_18226959.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_322_3_2_2011_125123478.jpg
  • Oil preheater with an external steam jacket.
  • Oil preheater with an external steam jacket.
cms/images/small/albumID_322_0_3_2011_18226959.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_322_3_2_2011_125123478.jpg