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Feed water tanks

The long life of a steam boiler mainly depends on the quality of the feed water.

The modern technology in feed water tanks is to guide the soft raw water and the condensate to the Deaerator Dom. There through the riddled discs  all gases such as O2 & CO2 are aborted to the atmosphere through the upper ventil of the Deaerator Dom.

Special features

  • Feed water tanks are made

         either by steel or stainless steel.

         with partial or full deaeration

  • Provided with an additional inspection opening except from that of the deaeration dom.
  • Thermally insulated with high density mineral wool protected by aluminium metal sheets.
  • Inside the tank there is a perfectly designed steam distributor, which regulates the feed water temperature.
  • Provided with a cooling system of the water samples

An electric panel controls all the functions of the feed tank :

  • Water level in the tank
  • Feed water temperature
  • Overflow safeguard
  • Dry running protection for the pumps operation
  • The Deaerator Dom is separately designed for each boiler –house.
  • Comes on a base frame and prewired

The feed water tank can be also provided as a complete water service module, consisting also of :

All the above come pre assembled and so the installation is simplified and it’s cost is minimized.  

cms/images/large/albumID_314_3_2_2011_124054775.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_314_3_2_2011_12438428.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_314_1_2_2011_91838487.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_314_0_3_2011_182114920.jpg
  • Stainless steel feed water tank with full deaeration .
  • A stainless steel deaeration DOM with riddled discs.
  • Carbon steel feed water tank with full deaeration .
  • An installed feed water tank with full deaeration.
cms/images/small/albumID_314_3_2_2011_124054775.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_314_3_2_2011_12438428.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_314_1_2_2011_91838487.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_314_0_3_2011_182114920.jpg