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Blow down vessels

The drainage water from a steam boiler is of very high temperature and needs to be cooled down to below 45°C before it is dumped to the drainage system.

ARTEMIS has a sophisticated system made of steel or stainless steel, which decreases the high temperature of this water to the desired level. The system is fully equipped with automatic control and electrical panel.

When the Blow Down Control System comes together with the feed water tank, the operation of it is controlled by the main electrical panel.

Friendly to the environment !!!

cms/images/large/albumID_318_0_3_2011_182141935.jpg cms/images/large/albumID_318_3_2_2011_124621440.jpg
  • Stainless steel blow down vessel.
  • A group of blow down vessels for a big tabacco making company.
cms/images/small/albumID_318_0_3_2011_182141935.jpg cms/images/small/albumID_318_3_2_2011_124621440.jpg