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Domestic Pellet Boilers - ARTO F series

Heat capacity: 35 kW- 55 kW

Boilers of higher capacity are available upon request.

ARTEMIS SA operates successfully in boiler construction for 4 generations. The expertise and experience of all these years has led to the establishment of ARTEMIS SA as a leader in the production of modern biomass boilers.


  • The use of pellets compared with conventional fuels - oil & natural gas - means that the economy may be over 50% of the total costs of heating and hot water.
  • The ideal fuel for fully automatic heating systems.
  • 100% natural product without chemical additives, it is dry and leaves no ash. A bag with 15 kilos of pellet will leave only 75 gr of ash!
  • In contrast to conventional fuels like petrol and natural gas, pellets are a renewable source of energy and will be available to future generations.
  • Pellets require little space for storage - one tone of pellets need only 1.5m3
  • The ash from the pellets can be used as ecological fertilizer in the garden.
  • Efficiency exceeding 92% ensures credibility and greater economy in consumption  compared to other boilers in the market

NEW!!!. With the NEW THREE PASS combustion chamber inspired by our experience, this boiler directly achieves the desired temperature. Thanks to special ceramic materials that are parts of the chamber, clean burning is ensured with high efficiencies exceeding 92% , which makes ARTO F boiler an eco friendly product.

General Characteristics


The “Smart” Boiler

A Pellet boiler that can easily be converted into a wood  boiler or an oil boiler.

Ideal for very limited spaces even your house balcony !!! It comes with an independent silo or as compact device with a silo built on top of the boiler. Its width is only 64 cm!!!


With Artemis ARTO F boiler, heating has become easier than ever:

  • Simple in use
  • Sturdy design
  • Easy and quick cleaning
  • Rich water chamber and rational arrangement of the flametubes ensure good water circulation and prevent accumulation of salts.
  • Low emissions
  • Low running costs!!


Ideal combination of an ''ARTEMIS'' boiler synonymous with quality, sturdiness and durability

and a ”FERROLI’' burner, a product from one of the largest firms in the area of heating.

Burner Characteristics

  • Regulated power according to the heating requirements.
  • Motorized equipment supply, system feed screw and connecting pipes
  • Reliable electronic ignition heater
  • User Friendly browser software
  • Intelligent systems for security and malfunction diagnosis

The burner is in continuous communication with the thermostat to regulate the operation in the most efficient manner while achieving the maximum economy.

Front Door

The choice of materials used for the fireproof lining of the door and the technique of casting reduce heat losses to a significant minimum and ensure longevity in the boiler.

Aesthetic superiority

Modern aesthetics is present despite the big weight of the door which can be closed even by a little child, and will never show any sign of hanging.

Rear Smokechamber

The fully opening door of the rear smoke chamber ensures easy inspection and cleaning of the flametubes of the boiler.

Flame inspection

Flame inspection glass placed in the right position to allow full inspection of the flame in the boiler.

Easy Ash extraction

The ash produced from combustion is collected in a stainless steel urn of sufficient size and thickness, designed to prevent distortion by the high temperature inside the boiler.

Smoke turbulators

Specially designed smoke turbulators force the fumes to turbulate inside the flametubes.

This increases the efficiency of the boiler by 5%.


Exhaust damper

Fully stainless steel exhaust damper by a famous German firm that achieves:

  • less fuel consumption
  • smooth burning
  • lower emissions of CO


Balancing tank (buffer)

Buffer of capacity 500 - 1500 lt may accompany the installation of a boiler ARTO F.

This ensures:

  • the maximum fuel economy
  • smoother operation of the boiler
  • connectivity to other heat sources (solar and heaters).

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  • Pellet boiler, ARTO F series.
  • Pellet boiler, ARTO F series.
  • Pellet boiler, ARTO F series.
  • Pellet boiler, ARTO F series.
  • Pellet boiler, ARTO F series with FERROLI burner.
  • Detail : Sturdy door with insulation materials that reduce the heat losses to an insignificant minimum.
  • Detail : Rich front smoke chamber made of perfect insulation materials.
  • Detail : Stainless steel urn of sufficient size and thickness, designed to prevent distortion by high temperatures.
  • Detail : Full opening door ensures easy inspection and cleaning.
  • FERROLI'S pellet cochlear.
  • Technical superiority : All welding methods and all welders are certified by International Certification Bodies.
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