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Pellet boiler - Series ΑRTO P

NEW  product  launched in the market by ARTEMIS BOILER INDUSTRY. Boilers that burn PELLETS with power range from  25 to 180 kw are soon being put in mass production.

The new pellet boiler is manufactured with the same high quality standards that have characterized our products for 5 decades and which our clients are well familiar with.

Pellets are the most economical solution for heating, especially nowadays that the price of conventional fuels (oil and natural gas) are constantly rising.

Pellet Boiler ARTEMIS  Series ΑRTO P is based on two main principles:

Simplicity & Reliability


  • Simple structure
  • Easy to manipulate
  • Convenient when there is limited space


  • Sturdy and careful design
  • Easy to service and clean
  • High efficiency

ARTO Ρ  Pellet boilers can be accompanied by a series of components  on request:

  • Ultra modern electrical control panel for perfect combustion and substantial money saving
  • Conventional analogical control panel
  • Automatic system for tube cleaning
  • Automatic ash removal etc.