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A Family Industry with tradition in boiler manufacturing for 4 generations. Beginning in Istanbul in 1908 it was transferred to Thessaloniki in 1967 where it is situated until today. Since 2008 the industry operates in Sindos Industrial Park in a private up to date 4000 square-metre Plant.

Our firm is not based on mass production but mainly on individual manufacturing needs, in accordance every time with each customer' s different demands. Our knowledge, experience and obsession with perfection show in our products. That is why we have for many years occupied a foremost place in our field within our country.

Despite the casualness of our times, we continue to produce sturdy, reliable products of high performance and great endurance in time.

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  • Istanbul, 1948
  • Istanbul, 1948
  • Thessaloniki, 1967
  • Mixed combustion boiler (wood-light oil), 1968
  • A yard view of our factory with wood boilers and water heaters, 1969
  • Water heater with double walls, 1969
  • Transporting heavy oil tanks, 1969
  • Steam boiler 10,000 kg/h steam capacity ,1971
  • Steam boiler 3,200 kg/h steam capacity, 1972
  • A series of steam boilers for a public hospital, 1974
  • Pressure vessels, 1974
  • Water pressure boosting system, 1978
  • Show room in our shop, 1981
  • Steam boiler 1600 kg/h steam capacity, 1982
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